Il Padrino Coffee

Monday, October 10, 2016

"Let's try that shop one day" are the words I utter every time we pass by this coffee shop. It was his preliminary examination week, a perfect time to wrap things up, review and drink some coffee. Finally, for a good reason, I was able to visit the shop called "Il Padrino Coffee". 

Yes, you read it right. It has the same name as the movie. The owner, Ervine Pangwi himself is a fan of the famous classic Italian film called "The Godfather". There's no doubt that he extended his fandom and created this shop as its main theme.

As the menu landed into our hands, Mark, well as always, ordered his beloved "Iced Coffee" while I chose an Italian Green Apple Soda.

Guess what? We only got a bill of ₱180 for both of our drinks! The Iced Coffee was totally yummy and dark flavored while my Italian Soda didn't fail on refreshing my whole self. Their product pricing is totally budget friendly!

They also sold lovely pastries! Look how delicious looking those cakes are!

Here's the menu:

The branch where we had our drinks is actually the first and original shop Mr Pangwi had ever created. Il Padrino Coffee is located near Bank of Makati, along Commonwealth Avenue, East Fairview Park.

It's a good "to go" shop especially if you live along Fairview and want some time alone sitting with your favorite book while sipping your hot Cappuccino. 

I am rating this shop a 4/5 for its good ambiance, ventilation, pricing, products, and services.

What do you think of Il Padrino's Coffee?

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