Quicklean, Your best cleaning buddy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's the time of the week where your laundries have to go to their proper places. Well, working everyday is pretty exhausting but you still have to do your chores to function well. Those dirty clothes in your basket are crying to be washed as much as you needed to wear them. So how can you juggle all of this in the midst of your busy schedule? 

Worry no more, mate! Quicklean is always available to help you with your laundry! 

Quicklean is a shop where you can have your clothes cleaned for just an hour! Can you believe how much time you can save from doing your laundry? 

Well, look how spacious and clean their shop is!

I usually do my laundries here every week. I can say that their services are much better than other laundry shops. Quicklean staffs are also friendly and helpful.! They will happily assist you if it's your first time visiting them since it's going be you who will manually load, wash, and dry your clothes.

When I say, "load, wash, and dry" that simply means that you have to load your clothes and set the machine to the cleaning mode that you wishes to be done.

This is the menu of services that you can avail and a lot other stuff that you can add to your cleaning.

They also sold some yummy fruit juices called "Pure Nectar" that you can sip and drink while waiting for clothes to be cleaned!

You can find your nearest Quicklean shop by clicking here!

What do you think of Quicklean? 

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