Etude House's Happy Essential Foam Vitamin C

Thursday, October 06, 2016

I will be starting my first ever review with my very trusty and cute facial wash!

I am skin conscious person (let's say I don't like getting dark). I love maintaining my skin complexion and I don't like getting exposed to the sun (if I am invited to a swimming party, I'd rather go if the venue has a covered court on it or if it's going to happen at night). My main focus on choosing skin products are whitening, skin protection, and vitamin C.

I started doing my haul search last year and good thing I've found what I am looking for!

I've been eyeing Etude House whenever I roam in SM North. I didn't hesitate to buy and look for good products as soon as I had the perfect time to spoil myself out.

I asked the lady if they have a product with Vitamin C that can retain white skin and luckily, she said yes and assisted me to where it is placed.

She endorsed me this product called, "Happy Essential Foam Vitamin C".

It has a nice yellow packaging with a little smiling face. It was definitely cute, I may say.  

40% you ask? That means it has 40% content of moisturizing essence so it won't be leaving you dry.

The facial wash is simply white and glossy and it really smells like lemon!! I can feel and smell the freshness of lemon whenever I wash my face with this product every morning!

The whole product contains 150ml of juicy lemon facial foam which sells for ₱248.00!

It's definitely a good choice that I chose this product because it has always been keeping me fresh, brightened and happy! I had no problems with this product at the time I purchase it up until the time I used it today. Plus, you can use it for almost a year which helps to save more money than buying a new pack of facial wash every month.

Better try it now and experience the goodness of lemon!

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