Katsu Sora

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Are you craving for Japanese food?
 Katsu Sora is the perfect place to go when you are strolling around Eastwood City.

"Katsu" means cutlet in Japan while the word, "Sora" means sky. You can expect that Katsu Sora can offer you a variety type of Tonkatsu soaring with heavenly taste. 

Handling over the menu, my partner ordered "Mixed Katsu set" out of curiosity which contains Ebi, Salmon, and Pork. Whilst, as non-pork-eater, I ordered the usual "Chicken Katsu set".

Mix Katsu Set

Chicken Katsu Set

What's good about Katsu Sora? Not only they can provide you Japanese food but they can also offer eat-all-you-can of fruits, salad, and guess what, RICE (you can choose between Japanese or Long Grain rice) that comes with every set that you will order!

I truly had a great time indulging myself to fruits and a lot of rice (hoping that I will gain weight through this) and I bet my partner felt the same way too. You can find this heavenly place on the second floor of the Eastwood Mall! It's just blocks away from the entrance of the city. 

It's worth the try!

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