Things that I can't leave home without

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sometimes, I can leave home without money or phone (it depends on my agenda) for as long as I have this five things, I know I can survive the day!

1. Handkerchief

I am pretty the shy type of person who covers her mouth whenever I am going outside or meeting new people. So my handkerchief is the first thing I shouldn't really forget! 

2. Pens

I love writing everything I have in mind, so these pens are my best friends whenever I feel like writing or sketching. 

3. Notebook

I feel incomplete if I don't have a notebook with me. This is where I jot down my current schedule, future appointments, thoughts, sketches, and a lot of ideas that I'd like to be done someday. So having a notebook makes me feel complete every day!

4. Tumbler 

I love drinking water so having my own bottled water or tumbler is a must!

5. Umbrella

Whether it's sunny or rainy, we all know that we really can't let the day starts without bringing your own umbrella!

These are the things that I really can't leave home without. How about you? What are the things that you can't leave home without? Comment down below!

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