Etude House's Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #OR209

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I love lipsticks that can help me look fresh all day and my best option was to find a lipstick in the shade of coral to compliment my complexion. It feels like an accomplishment when you finally find the right shade to use and wear every day, so finding the right one is a must! I found my lips bestie at Etude House and it is called Dear My Blooming Lips Talk #OR209.

Let's start the review!

Packaging: They combined pink as its base color on the packaging and a little purple ribbon to finish the touch!

Design: Inside, you will find a cute swirled heart with a petite crown above it.

Shade: #OR209 is in the shade of coral and scarlet, which is perfect if you want to look fresh day and night!

Touch: It's lightweight and soft on the lips.

 You can have this elegant lipstick at the price of ₱478.00 and it is available in all Etude House stores nationwide!

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