What's inside my bag?

Friday, October 06, 2017

How's everyone doing? I was occupied these past few months and I have been longing for this post! A"what's inside my bag" post!! Hajime mashou!

1. Red Kipling Wallet

My Red Kipling wallet is actually a gift from my Aunt and Godmother and was given to me after my high school graduation.

2. Navy/Gold Montague Case

It's consist of three parts and I love part every part of it!


Nail cutter w/ my room key, Scissors, Sim & SD cards, OTG adapter, 16GB OTG, and a Memory Card Reader w/ 2GB memory card (I use this for printing files).

Writing Tools

Pentel Pen, Pilot Frixion Pastel Highlights, Mini Glue, Correction Tape, Mcdonald's Grimace Sharpener, 0.5 B Eno Pilot Lead, Map Technic 600 Eraser, set of 0.5 Dong-A My Gel Pens, another Dong-A pen, 2B Mongol Pencil and a 0.5 Pilot Super Grip Mechanical Pencil


Sets of Sticky Flags, Sticky Notes, Mark's 2x2 picture and Montague's tag (I like keeping tags most of the time haha)

3. Belle De Jour 2017 Planner

I actually blogged about this last January. This planner was given by Mark as a birthday gift.

4. NBS Brown Notebook

5. Another brown notebook (haha)

6. Short Blue Clear Folder 

7. A4 sized clear envelope

8. Blue Pouch

This blue pouch is consist of chargers, earphones, card holder, and an extra phone.

8.  Inside my "hygiene pouch"

My hygiene pouch is consists of a Petroleum Jelly, toothpaste &brush (which I didn't include), comb, Oxygen Lure Woman (Mark gave this to me), Face Powder, a Lipstick and my home keys. 

9. On the outer pocket of my bag

Ascorbic Acid Tablets (I often forgot to drink one before going out),  a small notebook where I use to log my expenses and ball pens.

10.  My 3 year-old Automatic Fibrella umbrella

11. A Water Bottle

12. Inside my bag's side pockets

It consists of my coin purse and bag lock.

13. And of course, tissues.

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